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The Respiratory Infection Season – Multiple Infections, Multiple Detection

Mon, December 12th 2022

Assistant Professor Jesus Rodriguez Manzano, Co-Founder and CSO at ProtonDx, and Deputy Director of the Centre for Antimicrobial Optimisation (CAMO) at Imperial College, shares his views on the current threat of a ‘tripledemic’ that looms over the Northern hemisphere, including many parts of Europe.


Diagnostics are at the Heart of a Global AMR Solution

Wed, September 14th 2022

OPINION: Dr Jesus Rodriguez-Manzano, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at ProtonDx, shares his thoughts on anti-microbial resistance (AMR). He discusses what we can learn from the recent COVID‑19 pandemic, including the important role that point-of-need diagnostics can play.


Higher Risk for Patients with Flu and Covid-19

Mon, March 28th 2022

People infected by Covid-19 and influenza face four times the risk of requiring a ventilator and twice the risk of death. Diagnosis of which respiratory viruses are infecting the patient is crucial especially as there is no increased risk of severe illness for those with both Covid-19 and RSV or other respiratory viruses.


Lateral Flow Tests Found Wanting

Tue, March 1st 2022

Research by Imperial College London suggests that lateral flow tests miss a substantial number of COVID-19 infections, particularly for people without symptoms emphasising the need for rapid, sensitive, accurate and portable tests.


Antimicrobial Resistance Crisis Needs Better Diagnostics

Tue, February 22nd 2022

“Better, faster diagnostics will be central to tackling Antimicrobial Resistance in the future,” said ProtonDx Founder & Director, Asst Professor Jesus Rodriguez-Manzano, at a recent FORUM event organised by the Academy of Medical Sciences.

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