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ProtonDx Dragonfly platform Respiratory test 20220612.441_0.5x.png
Dragonfly, is a truly portable, rapid, multi-pathogen, molecular diagnostic platform. 
Providing regulated and custom solutions for human & animal health and food-borne pathogens.

The Dragonfly Molecular Diagnostic Platform is a portable, rapid, and accurate solution for simultaneous detection and differentiation of multiple pathogens. Our platform boasts exceptional sensitivity and specificity, making it the point-of-care choice for assessing individual pathogens or multiple pathogen combinations, tailored to your testing needs. What sets Dragonfly apart is its flexibility and portability – no extra benchtop equipment required. Experience hassle-free diagnostics with Dragonfly today.

Test Panels


SARS-CoV-2, RSV, Flu A, Flu B, & Human rhinovirus


Three controls  -  colour control, internal control, human sample control


Less than 30 minutes from one sample to all five results

One user can run and analyse twelve samples in one hour


Approved for use in the UK and EU


Multi-Pathogen Differentiation

Test for multiple viruses simultaneously with a single sample

See available panels


Can be taken anywhere

No maintenance or calibration requirements


Sample-to-result in less than 30 minutes

Parallel Processing

One user can complete twelve tests in an hour 


PCR standards of sensitivity and specificity

Easy to Use

Sample preparation takes less than five minutes  

How it Works

Sample-to-Result less than 30 minutes

A companion app provides guided workflow, automatic result capture, and data management:

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 4.04.32 PM.png
All elements are included with purchase

Where Dragonfly makes a Difference


Care Homes

GP Surgeries

Work & Events


Hospitals & Labs


Humanitarian Services


The portability of Dragonfly allows teams to travel with an accurate testing system – even to remote locations. It enables timely treatment decision making which helps optimise performance, minimises unnecessary antibiotic use, and supports appropriate return to training.

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