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Electron image of Turbobead_4x.png
Smaller, faster, better.

TurboBeads are next generation magnetic beads delivering better results faster than traditional beads. 
Designed using pure metal and elemental carbon nano-particles, rather than ferrite combined with 
polymers, TurboBeads deliver exceptional magnetic properties. A covalently linked surface functionality 
provides unmatched chemical and biological stability.

Magnetism matters

Cores of competitive magnetic beads almost exclusively contain a low percentage of magnetic material (often magnetite, an iron oxide), resulting in a poor magnetic saturation and slow collection speeds. In contrast, Turbobeads are the only magnetic beads with a pure metal core, yielding the highest possible magnetic saturation and fastest collection speed on the market. 

Smaller is superior

Average particle size

30 nm

Magnetic saturation

155 emu / g

Functional loading

≥ 0.1 mmol / g
(100,000 nanomol / g)

Metal content

> 90 wt%

Large surface area

> 20 m2 / g


Autoclavable up to 140 °C
Compatible with all solvents
Stable at wide range of pH

TurboBeads are visibly faster

Because TurboBeads cores are pure metal, they have significantly increased magnetic properties. They can be separated from micro-liter to multi-liter volumes using standard off-the-shelf magnets within seconds to minutes. When using TurboBeads there is no need for specialized magnets or high-gradient magnetic separators (HGMS).

Composit speed extraction 0s.png

0 sec

Composit speed extraction 2s.png

2 sec

Composit speed extraction 5s.png

5 sec

Composit speed extraction 40s.png

40 sec

Large volume extraction made easy

Magnetic force decreases exponentially with distance. Their high magnetism make TurboBeads the only solution for extraction and purification from large liquid volumes. 


Demonstration showing a stirred 10 liter reaction vessel with 1 g of suspended TurboBeads (far left). 

In just 5 minutes, the 30 nm pure metal Turbobeads can be separated from the liquid with a commercial low-cost magnet (right; lower left side of the vessel).

TurboBeads Large Vol_3x.png

Stable covalent binding

Because binding to TurboBeads relies on carbon–carbon bonds, no ligands are lost, even under demanding process conditions. Our -COOH and -NH2 TurboBeads are compatible with most peptide coupling protocols enabling the immobilization of amino acids, oligos, peptides, antibodies, and viruses. 

Covalent Binding_4x.png


  • Nucleic acid synthesis

  • Magnetic immunoassays

  • Magnetic immunoprecipitation

  • Protein/peptide amplification

  • Heavy metal extraction

  • Reliable antibody binding (protein A)

  • Explore novel concepts to take advantage of TurboBeads unique properties

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