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Research Tools

Tailored Solutions with Lyophilized Colorimetric LAMP: Bespoke Solutions for Your Unique Needs 

Electron image of Turbobead_4x.png
Research Tools

TurboBeads are next generation magnetic beads delivering better results faster than traditional beads.

SL DNA RNA Kit Refill.612.png
Research Tools

Improve you reaction performance today, with patented alcohol-free nucleic acid extraction buffers.

Research Tools

SmartLid  is a Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit for research purposes. The process is power‑free, reduces pipetting, and can be used to extract twelve samples in less than ten minutes.


ProtonDx Dragonfly platform Respiratory test 20220612.441-T_1x.png

Dragonfly is a rapid, portable, multi-pathogen molecular diagnostic platform that can be customized for human or animal testing.

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