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Customised Lyophilised Colourimetric LAMP Test Panels

Our patent pending LyoLAMP technology combines lyophilised LAMP reagents with easy to read colourmetric indicators into a single bead format for reproducible, accurate and scalable colourmetric diagnostics. LyoLAMP streamlines molecular workflows, minimises set up time, and reduces user related errors - simply add extracted samples directly to the lyophilised bead and incubate. As LyoLAMP is stable at ambient temperatures, it does not rely on cold chains, unlocking applications in both laboratory and remote settings.

LyoLAMP is scalable and flexible. In addition to our existing products, LyoLAMP can be customised for bespoke user needs in a range of formats, including 8 well, 96 well and bulk formats, with or without primers. Our team can also support the design of bespoke LAMP panels with unique applications in SNP and tandem repeat analysis.


Contact us to find our how LyoLAMP can be used to support your requirements.

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