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Thurs, November 2nd 2023

POCT-for-Scot Evaluation of ProtonDx’s Dragonfly Respiratory Diagnostic Device Assesses Feasibility for Point-of-Care Settings

The POCT-for-Scot evaluation emphasizes critical aspects of ProtonDx's diagnostic device that are key for point-of-care setting such as accuracy, portability, user-friendliness, patient comfort, and ease of adoption.  

November 2, 2023 - POCT-for-Scot Ltd. works with NHS colleagues across Scotland and further afield to build a network and to help create a robust future for point-of-care testing. POCT-for-Scot completed a service evaluation of ProtonDx's Dragonfly Respiratory Diagnostic Device to determine the feasibility of the device for a point-of-care setting, with a focus on accuracy, portability, storage/handling, patient comfort, and ease of adoption.


Key Findings at a Glance :

  •  Accuracy: Dragonfly™ demonstrated an outstanding accuracy level, with a sensitivity of 98.4% and a specificity of 100% when compared to laboratory RT-PCR results for five pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2, Flu A, Flu B, RSV, and Human rhinovirus.  

  • Enhanced Portability: The device's portability was highlighted as a significant advantage, with no complex setup required when relocating the equipment. This feature is invaluable for mobile users and healthcare centres sharing resources. 

  • User-Friendly: The study found that Dragonfly™ is exceptionally user-friendly, thanks to its intuitive app, offering clear guidance. Even users without a scientific background can operate it with ease, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of healthcare professionals. 

  • Comfortable for Patients: Patient comfort is paramount, and Dragonfly™ was found to be comfortable for patients undergoing tests, contributing to a more pleasant and less stressful diagnostic experience. 

  • Easy Adoption in Point of Care Settings: The device was determined to be straightforward to adopt in point-of-care settings, making it a valuable asset as healthcare boards increasingly focus on Point of Care accreditation. 


View the Full Report  

To explore the complete details of the evaluation and gain a comprehensive understanding of Dragonfly's capabilities, we invite you to download the Report Summary or view the full report on the POCT-for-Scot website following this link. The full report includes the evaluation, as well as a COSHH and Risk assessment. 

To learn more about Dragonfly visit: 

About POCT-for-Scot

POCT-for-Scot Ltd is a Tayside based company, originally formed for the purpose of developing Scotland's Point-of-Care network. The directors of the company, with a combined experience of over 30 years in Biomedical Sciences and Point of Care, serve the community to ensure equitable access to educational and networking opportunities.  The company independently reviews POCT devices and shares knowledge about the latest technologies to allow other teams to make informed decisions on the devices that would best serve their clinical needs. To learn more:

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