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Mon, February 5th 2025

Bob Enck appointed as CEO of ProtonDx

As part of a planned transition aimed at strengthening our leadership with a focus  on robust commercial growth in the Diagnostics and Sample Preparation industries, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Bob Enck, current Chairman and President, as CEO. 

London UK, February 5th, 2024 - ProtonDx is pleased to announce a motivating leadership evolution to enhance its commercial position and focus as an innovator in the Diagnostics and sample preparation industries. Bob Enck, current Chairman and President, has assumed the role of CEO, succeeding Professor Pantelis Georgiou, Co-founder of ProtonDx, and pioneer in Biomedical Electronics.  

This natural transition comes at a stage where the company has released its first products Dragonfly and SmartLid and will now focus on accelerating revenue growth. As Bob Enck assumes the position of CEO, there will be a heightened emphasis on bolstering business development partnerships, sales initiatives and fostering a client-centric spirit of service and growth within the organization.  

This strategic move is poised to usher in exciting developments and underscore ProtonDx's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Professor Pantelis Georgiou, a key architect of ProtonDx's founding and growth to date, continues in his leadership role as Director, aligning with ProtonDx's vision and commitment to pioneering advancements in Biomedical Technology. 

Professor Pantelis Georgiou, Co-founder and Director of ProtonDx, shared:

“Bob's wealth of business experience and leadership acumen position him as a driving force behind the company's continued innovation, strategic relationships, and customer focused solutions. This transition will allow me to continue driving technological innovation, leveraging my expertise in Healthcare Technology and Lab‑on‑Chip diagnostics.”

In closing, ProtonDx extends gratitude to its supporters and collaborators for their ongoing trust. With Bob Enck as CEO and Professor Pantelis Georgiou spearheading its engineering technology, ProtonDx is confident in its ability to drive innovation, foster growth, and maintain the highest standards of excellence. Stay tuned for more updates as ProtonDx embarks on this dynamic chapter, focusing on groundbreaking solutions in both sample preparation and diagnostics.  

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