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Mon, December 20th 2021

ProtonDx CEO Award for Inspiration

ProtonDx CEO, Professor Pantelis Georgiou has won an award for his inspirational work from his colleagues in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London.

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Twice a year the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering makes a series of awards to students and staff to celebrate their contribution to the work of the department. The award for inspiration is one of five that also includes awards for: teamwork, supporting colleagues, rising star, and community. ProtonDx CEO, Professor Pantelis Georgiou, has been given the award for the inspiration that he has given to others throughout the year.

The citation says, 


"Professor Georgiou's work has been inspiring us for years, but the past year has been a great one to remember. We need academics at Imperial who will lead on positions that combine the elements of academic integrity, passion and ethos but also of the emotional intelligence and generosity that he has."

“We have been inspired by how much his students and colleagues have learned from him, especially when it comes to applying his ideas in medicine, and particularly infectious diseases diagnostics, where he has pioneered innovative Lab‑on‑Chip devices to tackle the needs of the NHS's huge efforts in Antimicrobial Resistance, AMR, the COVID‑19 pandemic's ongoing rapid screening needs, but also the lack of diagnostics in Low and Middle Income Countries."

“Since March 2020, the amount of work and dedication Pantelis's team has put in during the pandemic has been monumental. He not only managed to keep the team running, but also brought the team together to achieve a common goal, in the most humble and inspiring way, and doing mental 'check‑ups' on the team members regularly, to help make sure they could manage any stress."

“We have learned a lot just by being around him, and very much hope that the wider academic community of the College sees what a star quality academic, researcher, entrepreneur, engineer and human being he is.”

Typically modest, Professor Georgiou, demurs at his own achievements and says “it’s all down to the amazing people which makes the job so rewarding.”

Bob Enck, Chairman of the Imperial College spin‑out company ProtonDx, set up by Professor Georgiou to bring the diagnostic technology to health systems world‑wide, says,


“We are truly fortunate to have such a highly recognized member of the Imperial College as part of our innovative team at ProtonDx. Professor Georgiou’s Lab‑on‑Chip research at Imperial paves the way for meaningful diagnostic tool advancements. The ability to simultaneously test for several diseases with a hand‑held device and get the results within half‑an‑hour at the point‑of‑care, far from laboratories, will change the way we approach the diagnosis of disease and allow doctors to focus on treatment strategies for their patients.”

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