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Tue, March 28th 2023

ProtonDx's Dragonfly Tests Used in FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Planica, Slovenia

ProtonDx's proprietary rapid multipathogen test was a key diagnostic element used to test the Finnish cross-country skiers in The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Planica, Slovenia, in February - March 2023.

The test was instrumental in quickly providing the athletes with a clean bill of health before competition. Being able to rapidly exclude pathogens increased the quality of medical team's work.

Dragonfly was chosen by the Finnish team due to its accuracy and ease of use: the test is highly portable and doesn't require laboratory conditions.

Using proprietary ultra‑fast nucleic acid extraction, and isothermal colourimetric detection, the system achieves PCR‑equivalent sensitivity and specificity in less than 30 minutes from sample to result. The 5‑in‑1 Respiratory Test Panel detects severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‑CoV‑2), Influenza A Virus (IAV), Influenza B Virus (IBV), Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and Human Rhinovirus (HRV) in a single test.

Dr Maarit Valtonen, Chief Physician of Team Finland explained:


"We used Dragonfly tests to exclude potential pathogens in athletes with mild respiratory symptoms. The main aim was to prevent possible viral outbreaks and to increase the quality of care by differentiating the etiology of respiratory symptoms. The athlete’s respiratory health is especially crucial in high ventilation‑rate sports like cross‑country skiing. In winter endurance sports, respiratory symptoms are also very prevalent. Some respiratory pathogens may increase the risk of cardiac complications. Dragonfly's precision gives the team and the athletes themselves the necessary confidence in situations where respiratory symptoms are present. Dragonfly can distinguish different respiratory pathogens from a single sample. Virus diagnostics improves treatment of infections; being able to differentiate between viral and bacterial conditions reduces 'just in case' antibiotic prescriptions. Dragonfly is compact and compared to a PCR machine easy to transport. We have also found that training new users 'on a go' is straightforward. We will be expanding testing to other disciplines. We envisage Dragonfly being especially useful in team sports and major sport events where the risk of contagion is relatively high. Early recognition is essential in prevention of a wider epidemic outbreak. "

Bob Enck, Chairman and President of ProtonDx, stated: 


“Dragonfly is a potential game‑changer in the diagnostics industry ‑ providing quick, cost‑effective, and confident results, irrespective of location. With its demonstrated value at major international sporting events, the interest in Dragonfly throughout the sporting world and other key industries is rapidly expanding across Europe.”

In February 2023 ProtonDx announced that it had received a CTDA approval for Dragonfly. The test is now available in all European Union countries and United Kingdom. The robust, accurate system is poised to help revolutionise rapid infectious disease diagnosis and tracking worldwide.

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